Joh Walker Gray's Adventure App


Ah, so you want to go on an Outlandish Adventure through bonnie Scotland, well then let me be your personal guide.

Click your preferred button for either Android or Apple devices and let's go on an adventure together !

There is a version for Android and Apple iOS.  So go download it and get your shoes on to go on an Adventure. Relive the scenes from outlander with you as the leading Lady or Laird. Make up your own story and enjoy the beautiful Scottish countryside.


App Design

To give you an idea what the App looks likes, see the picture on the right. 
The App highlites all the Outlander Filming and other important sites up to Season 5. 

Accompanied by beautiful pipes and myself telling stories on each and every location, you can travel the Outlander Universe from the comfort of your lounge chair or, even better, use the app on your phone to get about in Scotland.


Live Maps

The App uses maps constantly and offers direct links to Google Maps for live routes from your current location to where the site of interest is located. 


Something Special

Yes, there is even something special in the App. Sort of an Easter-Egg. Something that may take you beyond time :)


Apple iOS