Below you can find some short showreels from various productions. I have played all kinds of people, ranging from an extra on set to acting with complete monologues and more. 

Short Films

I am asked quite regularly to take up a role in Scottish Short Films. Many of which are made by brilliant new directors and film makes. It's an honor to be asked for these. Below you'll find a few I was recently on.


Death's Door

Death's car unexpectedly breaks down in the Scottish countryside, she crosses paths with The Farmer, a man riddled with regrets who opens up to her as they journey across the rural landscape together. 


Hunters is a horror/thriller about a mysterious paranoid man who's evening turns into a nightmare when he is targeted by a pair of paedophile-hunting vigilantes. 


Jack & Sara

Jack, a scruffy, unshaven middle-aged man wanders through a Glasgow park feeding birds. A young woman, Sara, sits on a bench, busily making plans on her mobile phone. Jack sits next to her and pulls out a pack of sandwiches. He slides one of the sandwiches over to Sara, asking her if she wants it. The young lady is clearly taken aback by this and goes on the offensive, saying she has no money, as clearly she reasons this is what he is looking for. Sara explains she is busy and reveals she wants to be an actress.


  • TOMMY'S HONOUR, Mungo Park, 2015
  • THE CORRESPONDENT, Taxi Driver, 2015
  • ISOLANI, James Corrie, 2017
  • ANNA & THE APOCALYPSE, Gertie, 2017
  • AIYARRY, Ronald, 2017
  • COOKED FRAME'S, Derek, 2017
  • DOLL, Joe Scrimgeour, 2018 (Short Film)
  • THE SILENCE, Army Officer, 2019, (proof of concept)
  • THE HAZE, Det. Supt Ian Kenneth, 2019 (Short Film)
  • DARKLING, Henry Kovalski, 2019, (Short Film)
  • HUNTERS, Tommy, 2020, (short film)
  • DEATH'S DOOR, The Farmer, 2022 ( short film)




  • RIVER CITY, Police Officer, 2015- 2020.
  • STILL GAME, Priest, 2016.
  • ARMCHAIR DETECTIVES, Lee Brewer, 2017
  • LOGAN HIGH, Butcher, 2018
  • THE NEST, Police Sgt, 2019.
  • Outlander, Extra, 2015, 2016, 2017