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My Bio

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As a skilled actor I have been working on various productions over the past many years. Ranging from well known Series like Outlander up to even longer running Series as River City.

Outlander App

Doing various Outlander Tours for tourists and fans led me to create a special Outlander App that takes you to all the sights. It's available for both Android and Apple devices.

Come and join me on the adventure...



• BA (Hons) European Humanities (With Lit)
• Acting Coach Scotland (ACS) 2015 - present
• Qualified Life Coach
• Photographer
• Founder of John Gray's Outlander Adventure App​

Skill set

As I have been around for quite a while I have been able to acquire some very rather unique skills from my hobbies to my career in both the police and the Military.

  • I am an avid hill climber, rock climber and mountaineer. I was a part of the Police Mountain Rescue Unit for many years.

  • My jobs within the police included, Public Order duties and Firearms duties so I am comfortable handling weapons, shouting orders and taking them when given.

  • I am a very confident Snowboarder and a reasonable Skier...played various sports: Soccer, American football, Golf, rugby and many more.

  • I have a clean driving licence and it includes motorcycles.

  • I am in great shape and work out regularly. 

  • I am happy to work with Power tools and can build just about anything out of wood.

  • My use of accents is good and I can pick them up in a very short space of time when listening to them. 


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