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Actor, Writer, Photographer, Founder

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio. I am thrilled that you have taken some time to see what amazing projects I've been part of and I hope to be able to update this with all my new adventures in the future.
Fancy a spectacular Outlander Tour around Scotland? Join me or click on one of the buttons below to see my Amazing Outlander Adventure App..see it all for yourself, 
Take care and stay safe...John

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All About
John Walker Gray

Born and raised in Glasgow, until early adulthood when having completed 5 years as a reservist in the military, the Police beckoned and I saw 22 years with them before taking early retirement.
Since then, life has become great. An Honours degree in Literature, a published novelist, trained Life Coach, commissioned photo-shoots and an Acting career have allowed a new lease of life over 50.
To top this off, I have now developed an App that allows you to tour Scotland using the filming sites from the show Outlander as reference points throughout the country. A great travel companion or even just to sit in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the journey via commentary and photographs.
The Journey has begun....
Come and join me on the adventure...

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My Professional CV

Skills & Expertise

Take a look at my CV for a concise description of my professional experience. Below you will find several projects that I have worked on in the past, as well as contact information if you would like to collaborate together on a project. If there’s anything you’d like to know more about, please get in touch with either myself or my Agent, Peter.


BA (Hons) European Humanities (With Lit)

Acting Coach Scotland (ACS) 2015- present (ongoing training when it presents itself)

Qualified Life Coach


Founder of John Gray's Outlander Adventure App


TOMMY'S HONOUR, Mungo Park, 2015

THE CORRESPONDENT, Taxi Driver, 2015

ISOLANI, James Corrie, 2017


AIYARRY, Ronald, 2017

COOKED FRAME'S, Derek, 2017

DOLL, Joe Scrimgeour, 2018 (Short Film)

THE SILENCE, Army Officer, 2019, (proof of concept)

THE HAZE, Det. Supt Ian Kenneth, 2019 (Short Film)

DARKLING, Henry Kovalski, 2019, (Short Film)

HUNTERS, Tommy, 2020, (short film)


RIVER CITY, Police Officer, 2015- 2020.

STILL GAME, Priest, 2016.


LOGAN HIGH, Butcher, 2018

THE NEST, Police Sgt, 2019.


GOLDEN CHARTER, funeral director, 2016

SCOTTISH POWER, site manager, 2018


S1 JOBS, foreman, 2019 (On line social media)

S1 JOBS, van driver, 2019 (Online social media)


Best Actor for short film, HUNTERS,  Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival


Best Actor, HUNTERS, Jump Cuts Film Festival 2021

Skill set

As I have been around for quite a while I have been able to acquire some very rather unique skills from my hobbies to my career in both the  police and the Military.

I am an avid hill climber, rock climber and mountaineer. I was a part of the Police Mountain Rescue Unit for many years. 

My other jobs within the police included, Public Order duties and Firearms duties so I am comfortable handling weapons, shouting orders and taking them when given.

I am a very confident Snowboarder and a reasonable Skier...played various sports: Soccer, American football, Golf, rugby and many more.

I have a clean driving licence and it includes motorcycles.

I am in great shape and work out regularly. 

I am happy to work with Power tools and can build just about anything out of wood.

My use of accents is good and I can pick them up in a very short space of time when listening to them.

For anything else, please get in touch...




Dinnae fash Sassenach, yir in safe hands wi me.

Get in touch with me, (phone, email...) to book a tour, I'm always open and happy to help. If you buy the App and take a tour, I will refund the cost of the App...

Check out the App, (Click the button for your device) and decide what you want, if not, enjoy the pictures, commentary and the Beauty of Scotland all at your finger tips...SLAINGE...

John Walker Gray



Do you have questions about any of my work? Would you like to collaborate together on a project? Please feel free to get in touch with me today or my Agent:

Spotlight: 6576-8942-7515

Peter Davis

dQ management

10 Argyll House

Marlborough Drive

Bushey, Herts

WD23 2PS

t: 01273 721 221
m: 07713 984633


Motherwell, Scotland

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