Bespoke Tours

Since I have starred in Outlander as an actor I have come to expand my views of the world as well as my friends list online. Especially my Facebook Page is visited well and I post updates there regularly.

One of the things I like to do is go for a walk, often with my two dogs, and so the idea came about to start Bespoke Tours.


Growing up in Glasgow and surrounding areas taught me all in's and out's of this beautiful city.

It has fabulous quirky and special spots that you'd not find easy on your own.



Surely you need to see all the sights in Edinburgh, I can even tell you about the various scenes that Outlander has shot in Edinburg and in various other locations, villages and cities. For that purpose, see my Outlander App, for example.

But to have a tour done by one of the actual Outlander Actors, well, that's much more fun for you and I promise you the day will be filled with knowledge, special experiences and you get to have the Outlander App for free as a little token to remember the tour.



As the Tours are bespoke, so is their rate. Contact me and we will work out a great tour and deal for you and your friends, family or group.

Tour Request

I would love to take you out for a personal bespoke tour and any day of the week, but as you will understand, sometimes my acting comes in first. So  please send me your details, a preferred date and I will contact you as soon as possible to make arrangements for your own private bespoke tour of Outlander, Scotland or wherever you fancy going.