Let's go on an adventure together, let me be your personal guide through bonnie Scotland.

A Private Tour In Scotland  !

So you've seen images of Scotland, it's bonnie lochs, it's beautiful mountains and heard plenty about the great views ?

Then it's time to book your own private tour through Scotland. Born in Scotland and having seen many sights, visited many locations, beautiful lochs ( lakes ) and having climbed many mountains, I can take you on a bespoke private tour and show you all that Scotland has to offer.

Visit the locations of my Outlander App!

As you may have seen my Outlander App allows you to visit all the stunning and heart warming locations where the early seasons of Outlander have been filmed. Many of which are still being visited by the crew and cast of the series either for touring or to shoot new episodes of the Series.

As an actor I have been in several Outlander Seasons and episodes, so a Tour of Outlander Locations, with the App on your mobile, makes your visit to Scotland all the more fun.

Feeling Sportive ? Let's Climb A Mountain !

The best views are always from the highest places and Scotland has many beautiful mountains to climb. The highest mountains may take you up to 8 hours to climb but this will treat you to one of the most stunning views you have ever seen.

All tours would include pick up at your location and later on a drop off at the same location. Also included is a proper lunch, prepaid entry into any and all venues that require a fee and all jokes and patter supplied by myself. 

Booking can be done by sending a message with your details through my contact form and I will contact you shortly after to make arrangements. 

Payments can be done easily through Paypal, so you can use whichever payment system you'd like.

As a bonus, anyone that books a Tour after having purchased my App will get a full refund on the App payment, so you get to keep the App for free.

Hope to meet you soon !

John :)

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As a skilled actor I have been working on various productions over the past many years. Have a look at my timeline of productions I worked at.

Outlander App

Doing various Outlander Tours for tourists and fans led me to create a special Outlander App that takes you to all the sights. It's available for both Android and Apple devices.

"An Honours degree in Literature, a published novelist, trained Life Coach, commissioned photo-shoots and an Acting career have allowed a new lease of life over 50"



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